Chalkboard Hearts

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Beautiful Charleston, SC Harbor!!

We got to spend some time in Charleston, SC with my Dad... we had a wonderful time with lots of history. One of the boys took this photo and the tranquility of it just sums up my feelings about our trip. Our trip to the USS Yorktown was fun and a little boys dream with all the boats, submarine, and airplanes!! We took a ride to Fort Sumter, another interesting place... a lot to learn and a lot of history. I wish they had more information on the women during this time, but it was definitely very interesting...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Happiness

We have decided this year to split up for Thanksgiving... As kids we spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and it was a huge affair. We had people in and out, lots of food and lots of fun. It will be a quiet Thanksgiving this year. Half of us will stay home with Papa, and half will go to NY to visit the other set of Grandparents. We will all have different experiences and enjoy the holiday in different ways, but in the end it is the thought and thankfulness we feel at this time of year that matters.

We are Thankful to have our Grandparents to enjoy the Holiday with. We are lucky to be able to visit and make memories with those special people in our lives. They can pass on stories and special moments that can be passed on to our children and their children. That is what this Holiday means to our Family.

The boys have received a Holiday Package from Grandma!! What lucky boys they are to get chocolate and money :) How loved they are, how special they are... it is wonderful to have Family!! I hope it is a memory that will live on in them as they grow and have children of their own and grandchildren of their own. That they will follow the examples of their grandparents.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009



I look at them and fall in love all over again. That feeling of overwhelming maternal love when you first meet your child, it can still come back when that same baby is much bigger, smeared with green face paint, and standing in the rain waiting to go Trick or Treating!! I love being a Mom, especially to these 4 bOYs!!