Chalkboard Hearts

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What do I want for Mother's Day??? I always think about this... some years I want quiet, others I want to do something together, with my kids... and still other years I wanted to sleep late (those early years of being a mother to twins). Having the house clean, without asking, would be great. As would, someone picking up all the stray socks that roam my house on a daily basis.

I love the cards, I don't need gifts... the hugs in the morning from Luke are wonderful, and I don't even have to wait for Mother's Day for them. Watching the big boys grow into young men, makes my heart ache, but prideful too. The emotions of being a Mom are everywhere. I want so much to tell my boys... about being good, thoughtful human beings. Treating each other with respect is just as important as treating their teachers with respect. I want them to love one another.

Having 4 boys fills me with love to spare... but it doesn't seem to flow between them. I worry that because they are boys they won't seek each other out like sisters do. I worry, when I am gone, will they meet for holidays, birthdays or dinners together?? Will their families be connected, without the help of Mom.

I have sisters, I call them a lot. I call my Mom a a lot. I call my Dad too. I don't see my husband doing that?? He calls his brother when the Mets are doing good (really good) or bad... really bad. That's it really. Maybe they will exchange email, or a phone call if an important matter comes up, but otherwise... they don't call just to chat. Do men do that?? I try to let them see me calling and talking to my family or my husbands family. We have them call Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles... but will that carry through?? A Mother's worry.

As my children grow, all the Mother's Day past, and the ones to come... I just want happiness, mine, my husbands, my children, and my extended family!!! Isn't that what we Mother's work towards on a daily basis... making everyone Happy??