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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What do I want for Mother's Day??? I always think about this... some years I want quiet, others I want to do something together, with my kids... and still other years I wanted to sleep late (those early years of being a mother to twins). Having the house clean, without asking, would be great. As would, someone picking up all the stray socks that roam my house on a daily basis.

I love the cards, I don't need gifts... the hugs in the morning from Luke are wonderful, and I don't even have to wait for Mother's Day for them. Watching the big boys grow into young men, makes my heart ache, but prideful too. The emotions of being a Mom are everywhere. I want so much to tell my boys... about being good, thoughtful human beings. Treating each other with respect is just as important as treating their teachers with respect. I want them to love one another.

Having 4 boys fills me with love to spare... but it doesn't seem to flow between them. I worry that because they are boys they won't seek each other out like sisters do. I worry, when I am gone, will they meet for holidays, birthdays or dinners together?? Will their families be connected, without the help of Mom.

I have sisters, I call them a lot. I call my Mom a a lot. I call my Dad too. I don't see my husband doing that?? He calls his brother when the Mets are doing good (really good) or bad... really bad. That's it really. Maybe they will exchange email, or a phone call if an important matter comes up, but otherwise... they don't call just to chat. Do men do that?? I try to let them see me calling and talking to my family or my husbands family. We have them call Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles... but will that carry through?? A Mother's worry.

As my children grow, all the Mother's Day past, and the ones to come... I just want happiness, mine, my husbands, my children, and my extended family!!! Isn't that what we Mother's work towards on a daily basis... making everyone Happy??

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  1. michelle i miss you, and i wanted to comment on this when i read it, i know what you mean and no not all men are like that lol,my dad calls every one in his family and he will spends his nights on the phone talkin to some one but i dont think you have to worry bc your a great mom who shows them alot of love and they will continue that threw the years and you shouldnt worry i happen to think your a wounderful mom and person and having you as a mom i dont see how they will not be close :D