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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Day Like Any Day...

I am sitting here looking at my toes... I love my toes!! I got a pedicure today at the nail place in Walmart!! YEAH!! I wish I had my camera.. Beth, Tracy & I went and it took forever!!! At one point I thought Tracy was going to fall asleep in her chair waiting for the lady to get to her. It was hard to talk to one another because they have the chairs set so that 2 are close, then a space and then 2 more, etc... well it made for uncomfortable talking... Plus, the whole Michael Jackson thing was on the big screen TV... but none of us knew what was going on and kept asking each other questions... the lady kept answering them for us... She was a wealth of Michael Jackson Information... Poor Thing!!! I am just glad we got it done before I went up to Camp with Kimberly. Got to have them stylin toes ya know... I am getting anxious and excited. I hate packing, driving & most of all leaving after I get there. I love my home, I love my friends, I love where I live... but being away from family is hard. Especially when we get 2 weeks of fun time... you forget what everyday daily life entails... and you want to stay longer. I will begin to miss Glenn and we will hopefully get to visit his Mom on our way home... It will be a busy 2 weeks I think :)

Tomorrow I take the daycare kids & Ryan to the Lake for the morning... I think they will like it. We go to the pool a lot and they love it, but after a while it gets boring. If kids show up to play with them they love it and don't want to leave, but if not, then it is a constant... When are we leaving Shell??? I think this will be a nice distraction and it goes nicely with our Water Themed Week... I am also getting Ryan ready for our time at the Lake!! Now I need to go get all the stuff ready so we can get out the door by 9:30 tomorrow morning... I know I'll be ready, will the parents have the kids here on time?? We shall see :)!!

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