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Monday, April 27, 2009

This Week's Tot School

This week our Home Daycare Tot School enjoyed learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We read the book, had fun putting up the felt pieces on the felt board, and made our own books to go with it... and an added bonus we found our very own caterpillar in the back yard that we caught and put in our bug catcher for the afternoon. To my surprise, when I went to let him go that evening it had wrapped itself in a cocoon!!!! Now, we are eagerly awaiting its arrival!!! I will hopefully be able to get some pictures of it when it makes its way out.

We also enjoyed our new Baby Washing Work. We had a fun time deciding who would go first and then deciding how to choose who would be next. We decided on making a list and each child could cross their name off after they had their turn.

We also got some great Tree Branch Blocks from one of our families... Thanks Andy!!! We loved the way they could be stacked even though they were different sizes and shapes.

Lastly, the weather finally became warm enough this week to get out in the dirt. We loved digging in the dirt pile and moving the dirt with our trucks and tractors. We did a great job sharing our shovels, since this is an area we work on daily. We lined up the trucks to find the one with the biggest load, and the one with the least (littlest, well... wittwest).
I am getting the hang of having my camera around when we do our Tot School, so hopefully next week I will have more to show. I also hope my little group of kids is OK to post on, since we range from 10 months to 48 months.


  1. You know those tree branch blocks are super expensive if you buy them in a store, what a wonderful gift to be given.
    It's amusing to me, with spring I think everyone's doing caterpillars and butterflies, I'm seeing them everywhere.

  2. I have never seen the tree branch blocks before. I'm super impressed! Darn! My DH just cut down a tree in our yard and hauled it away.
    HOW convenient to have the cocoon action this week! We also have a ColorForms Very Hungry Caterpillar set. My 4y.o. loves retelling the story while using those pieces. I don't know if they would be difficult to find but they are pretty cheap if any of your kids are into retelling stories.
    I hope it is okay for you to post about the mixed ages because I am doing the same! I find the mixed ages a bit more challenging since I am used to working with all of one age!

  3. Sorry! I see now that you retold the story with felt pieces! You clearly don't need the Colorform set!