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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Christmas Ornaments mean a lot to so many people... to me they mean history. To see that every year someone saved the most precious and cute ornaments to hang on the Christmas Tree. All those little reindeer, Santa's, mittens, pictures... those are some of the things our children look forward to. They each have their own box, of their own ornaments. Ones in which they made or were given. They love looking at them each year, talking about who they received them from, when, etc... They know when they get their own house, their own tree, their own families that box will be theirs to take with them. Until then they are mine, and I can look at them and remember their small little hands making them or as they get bigger their large hands holding them. All those little hand prints I received as they grew... what treasures they are now.

My Twins are getting so big... they will be bigger than me soon. I am already starting to not be the center of their world anymore. I have a poster they gave me for Mother's Day when they were maybe 5 or 6, and it said..."Mom, The Center of Our World" What a fleeting time that is. They grow so quick. I lost Jack at a festival the other day... it hit home how fast they grow. I was frantic... he is 11yrs old, I know he just got disoriented, but that little piece of me just panicked... was he afraid? No. Was he worried? No. Did he know he was going to find me? Yes. He was just hoping he wouldn't get in trouble. There was a time that all he would have wanted was me. Now he knows what to do. I know, I know... We have taught him well, We have given him the wings to fly... blah, blah, blah... doesn't make me feel any better :) I was afraid, I was worried... I can't keep them safe all the time anymore. I can't anticipate their next moved. I pray that God's Hands protect them and show them the way. I pray He gives me the strength to get through this next phase of their lives.

Ornaments... a little glimpse into the past. Little did I know that they would hold so many memories... Like I always tell the boys, "You won't understand until your a Parent yourself." So keep those special little mementos... pass on the stories and make sure they know them well... because someday their children will enjoy seeing Daddy's tiny hand print on a piece of paper hanging off the Christmas Tree.

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