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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas Tree

Ok... we went to the Christmas Tree Farm, got our Tree, got out the ornaments, went down memory lane... but where is the Tree?? Well, after Luke took some random decorating shots, we got a picture of it.

Helping Dad... Learning what it means to be the Dad :)
Doesn't seem like they mind either.

Getting some use out of the Perfect Swiss Army Knives from Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary

Ryan wants to help too... Thanks Dad!!

Standing back to admire... Wow, It's Big!!

Our 2009 Christmas Tree
The kids were so excited to get to decorating, but they pooped out rather quickly so the tree stands kinda bare right now. I told them that Grandma & Grandpa were coming soon so they had better get it ready!! This weekend they said!!!

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