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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolution

New Years Resolution Time
Every year at this time the whole world... ok not exactly the whole world, but a lot of people decide to make these promises to themselves to do or achieve something. Well, I am one of those people. I fall into the trap every year, pour over my options, buy whatever it is I might need (under the guise that I MUST have it to achieve this goal) and then start full steam ahead. Do I succeed?? Nah... like most people I don't tell anyone about it, maybe my husband (but does he really count?) and when I get to tired, stressed out, or irritated I give up. My husband tries to get me going again, but as soon as I get bratty (a nicer word of course) he backs off.
This year I am going to do it again... but this year will be different. I am posting about it. Some of the people who read this, actually see me in real life and will ask me about it, see if it is working, etc... I now have more people out there to help me. To help me hold fast to my goals.
My New Years Resolutions:
  1. Lose weight.... yes, of course isn't this always on people list... how cliche right, but it needs to happen. I won't be joining any gyms, I won't be buying anything new... I have it all. Now I need to use it.
  2. Get closer to my spiritual side. I now God is there for me. I know, I believe and I have faith, I have seen Him at work. But I want to provide my boys with a model that follows a spiritually moral path, not just someone who picks and chooses when it suits her.

That's it. I want to combine those 2 things into my life style. I believe if I do this, all other areas of my life will also fall into a peaceful place.

Wish me luck... I will definitely need it. I am one who gets sidetracked often, I go with the flow to a fault and I need to change things up in my life a lot. So, my goals need to take into account all those things to be able to reach them. We will see...

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