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Monday, December 14, 2009

Quiet Time

We started a new book last night for our nightly quiet time... well, really we decided to read this one together as a family instead of letting the boys read their book on their own. We have been talking about Christmas, of course, and I have been trying to get the kids in the spirit of giving... not just receiving. Of seeing things as half full, not half empty. Not just because Santa is watching, but because it is what Jesus would want from us. To strive to be the best we can. So... I remembered a book I read as a kid... The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson. I thought it was the funniest book ever, but I also remember thinking both about how it would feel to live near the Herdmans and how it must have been to BE the Herdmans. So, I got the book and we started to read it last night. The big kids have heard it already, but they jump on the bed as fast as Luke to hear it again. Luke hasn't heard it yet, and seems to be enjoying it. It is a really good book for the Christmas Season, especially if you have a house full of rowdy boys like I do. One thing, I am happy my kids aren't the Herdmans and secondly, I am glad that the boys see that it could be worse... they could have the Herdmans as siblings :)
They also can see how giving... not just presents, but time, love, understanding can be a bigger and better present than most of the things we find under the tree. That we are lucky to have what we have, when so many don't. Now, don't get me wrong... they are still young, rowdy, selfish (in a good way) boys... but I see them thinking, even if they pretend not to :)

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