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Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Life

I completed my first day back to work with ALL the kids. I am exhausted but it was a good day. I am feeling better... Thanks Susie!!! I am just tired. My nose is still stuffy, but it is starting to break. I am hoping the boys don't get it for the first day of school. That would be a bummer.

The boys aren't really excited to go back to school. I always remember being soooooo excited to get back to seeing all my friends, homework (in the beginning), & just getting out of the house. I was always bored stiff by the end of the summer. Now, the boys are always saying they are bored, but it isn't school they want to get back to, it is trips, amusement parks, camping, etc... I told hubby that we shouldn't do so much with them during the summers anymore, they are getting spoiled ;)

They are excited about back to school sneakers. Their Papa gets them their sneakers each year and it is a big treat for them. He tells them they have carte blance (did I spell that right??) and can pick out whatever they want. They drag me to every shoe and sneaker store in the mall. By the end I am exhausted and tired of the indecision... but I guess for them this is a huge decision. The right pair of sneakers can make or break a 6th grader. I think they all did good... nice sneakers, fit each of their personalities, and didn't cost my Dad an arm and a leg, not that he would care, but I do.

So, tomorrow we are getting are school laptops. That will be fun. Trying to keep track of them, and what they are doing on them... ARGH!!! I hope the school has put enough nanny guards on them. I hope soooo. I tell you all about them after tomorrow. We will go to our 2hr long lecture on how to use them and such... boring!!! I think these kids know what to do with them, but I guess we need to go anyway. To make sure they know the consequences for doing something bad with theirs. We have the next 7 yrs of using them, I wonder if the program will last that long, or if they will update the laptops eventually. Like, does the School Board know that laptops or any computer becomes a dinosaur after a couple or so years?? We will see...

I will end with a picture of my boys... All of them!!! We had a great time just walking around CitiField... Boys and Baseball, ya gotta love it!!! :)

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