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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Crazy We are crazy right now... we have baseball, school, karate, & church school. We can't seem to get into a routine where we can do school work, make dinner, baths, and/or family time all in a night. We seem to be running, running, running!!! One place to another. I am happy school is in, although the kids spend a lot of their time complaining. I want to keep my cool, and usually do, but man they are just so bad. How bad can it be?? We all went to school, we had homework... is it really so much worse now??? Are they being so overloaded that they can't find happiness in school??? I want them to enjoy school, find relaxation in reading, and find fun in their friends... it seems like that isn't the case. Oh... what to do, what to do??

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