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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Blues

I have been thinking more and more lately that as much as I love summers, I can't wait for it to be over. It is hot!! Very, very hot. The kids are bored, they don't want to go outside, and a board game in our home doesn't last for one game before I find all the pieces strewn around the house. They don't even want to go to the pool... How can that be??? Only last summer that is
ALL they wanted to do... we couldn't get there enough... Is it the old adage that you don't want what you already have??? It must be. I just wish they wouldn't give me such a hard time. Boys are tough.
I want them to have a good time, but I seem off my game. There is no routine to follow, no set wake up, play,eat, play, rest, eat, family time, eat some more, bed time. I seem to be in a river... always paddling in the wrong direction... these boys tired me out the same way. Fighting... the way they fight sometimes. I get so tired. I now know why our parents look at us like we have 10 heads when we tell them all the things we think they did wrong... it is all in the perception of the situation. They think their Dad and I favor one or the others at any given time. You ask one and he says we spoil the other... then the littlest one gets to much dessert, or the middle one gets to sleep over someones house (which MUST mean we love him the most) My Gosh... Parents Can't Win!!!! I have a much better understanding of my parents... I know now that they did the best they could and we (my sisters and I) would have found something wrong with their parenting skills no matter what they did. That is just how it is... kids will see a situation as they want to see it... no matter what really happened!!!
I just hope summer comes to an end soon and school gives us all the routine we crave... but yes, you know I will be complaining about school, homework, & the strain of keeping it all together!!! But we will save that for another day!!! :)

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