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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot & Sick

I am sick... I have a cold, no big deal. I just hate having a stuffy nose, a runny nose and feeling like nothing taste right. I am tired, but not really. I can't sleep during the day, but I can't sleep at night. I pray my daycare Mom's and Dad's don't think I will pass this cold on, but of course I will. I wash my hands a million times, try not to kiss, cough or breath on them :) that ain't happening though... I can't help it. I make the kids wash their hands, use the antibacterial hand sanitizer, and wash their hands AGAIN... I think one of the kids washed his hands 1000 times today. I can't wait to see my water bill.
So, I will take my medicine again tonight, hopefully get a halfway decent nights sleep, and be better tomorrow.
Now... the weather!! It was soooooo hot today. Upper 90's. It was all we could do to go outside. The pool water was like bath water, but at least it gave the kids some relief. I filled the little pool in the yard, put out some buckets and filled the little sensory table with water for my littlest one. She loved it!!! She banged, slapped, poured & splashed for as long as her little heart felt the need... She was very cute. I am glad I can provide such opportunities for the children in my care, as hard as it is sometimes (especially on sick days)... it is worth everything!! I love my job... both as a mom and a childcare provider!!!

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