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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weigh In

Well, I did it... I weighed in... I was hoping it wouldn't be a 10 lb gain while I was away, but I knew it could be. I moved, I ate, and I drank (some). I know I should have moved more, but sleeping in was so much more appealing. I was up and about on MOST days by 9am, but I would still just get my coffee, sit with my Mom or sister and sip and talk. How wonderful that was. I loved it. I miss them so much. My Dad came up to visit and I was lucky enough to be able to sit with him on some of the mornings and have coffee, I guess it was just the sitting and relaxing part that was so appealing. I don't get to do that here, I feel like I sit a lot, but my mind never relaxes. I have this beautiful backyard, but it always seems to be to hot to sit outside with my cup of coffee. If I go in front, it is still to hot, but at least no sun in your face. So, now I just need to go about creating the tranquil Adirondack environment that I find sooooo relaxing.
Of course, having 10 rambunctious preschoolers and school-agers running around does put limitations on that tranquility.

Oh, so back to the weigh in.... 157lbs. I gained 4 lbs while away. I of course went out for dinner with Beth for her birthday and ate way to much, but isn't that what friends do??? Especially on special occasions??? Well, that's what we do!!! Most of the time. I will now indeed go back to getting up, walking or doing my 30 lb Shred. I still have a dress to fit into in a few weeks. I must, must work on getting back to 153 or even 150 would be my goal by September 6th!!!!

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