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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Atlanta Trip

We went to Atlanta this past weekend. I wanted to take a little trip over the break since I didn't have to work and my son, Jack, loves everything Coca-Cola. He loves to drink it of course, but he also loves to collect things about Coke. He likes old, new, cute or odd, it doesn't matter... he just likes it. I like that he has something that is his own. Being a twin can sometimes be a little overwhelming. So to Atlanta we went... The World of Coca-Cola was our destination.

I researched hotels, did a AAA Trip Tik, got a friend to look after the dogs and off we went. We stayed at a very nice Fairfield Marriot that included breakfast, parking... and had an indoor pool (a must with 4 energetic boys). We went straight to the hotel that night and planned our trip to Coca-Cola World for the next day. We swam and watched TV and had a really great family night together. In this fast paced world of ours we don't always get to have time that is just the 6 of us.

We wake up in the morning, have a nice breakfast, and with 4 excited guys off to Coca-Cola World we go. It was a windy, cold day... we were happy the tour was inside. We bought our tickets and we waited in the lobby before we go into the opening/introduction movie... a great little movie about what goes on inside a coke machine :) Worth it!! Then off to a self guided tour of the rest of the building. We went into a hall of history, a bottle works hall, Pop Culture Art kind of place... that was really nice because people would write about what Coke meant to them or the memories that they had that involved Coke... Some of the letters were really touching and funny. Cal even wrote one... soooo cute!!! Then I talked all the boys into going into the room where you get to see the all the Coke commercials ever made. Funny.

Then the best part of the tour... the Tasting Room!!! Over 60 different soda's from around the world. Oh... they had so much fun. They ran around that room tasting all those soda's, running back to me or Glenn telling us what they liked or pulling us to a fountain to taste the Best or Worst soda they had ever tasted. I mean what could be better than having a whole room of soda to taste WITH your parents permission :)

We were finally done with tasting and decided to pick up our free bottle of coke and go into the gift store for our treasure to take home. Let's see... Ryan picked out a Coke Baseball, Luke a Coke Mini-Baseball Bat & Coke Playing Cards, Jack picked out an Aluminum Bottle & A Coke Style Dog Tag Necklace, and Calvin chose the Bat & Ball and a bottle of Coke with a Sleeve that he picked out and they shrink wrapped it on the bottle. Oh... Luke did that too.

So, that was our trip to Atlanta... we picked up our friends daughter and started our trek homeward. It wasn't a terribly long road trip home, but just long enough that you are happy to get out of the car when you get home. I have decided a 3 hour or less road trip is perfect for a short trip. Just when your getting tired of the car, your done. Next time we decide to go on a short family trip... it will be a little closer to home. We loved Coca-Cola World and I am really glad we went... memories were made!!

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