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Friday, May 15, 2009

Love My Life

This is me at The Great Wolf Lodge with my youngest son... This is the only picture we took of me there. Yup... Mom won't take photo's, especially in her bathing suit. What can I say... I am overweight and am lucky I went down some of the slides with them...
I joined the Y so I can begin to lose some of this weight for my sister-in-laws wedding. After posting about that I realized how exciting that is, but that isn't the only reason I am doing this. I want to take photo's with my kids, I want to RUN to the next slide at the water park and walk the 50 million stairs to the top. I want my 4 boys to know that a healthy body should be the norm for everyone, and not an overweight one.
I do have to Thank my sister-in-law though for the incentive to start me on this path. If wasn't for the love she showed in WANTING me in her wedding (fat and all) I would never of had the motivation needed to start exercising. Also, my sister was the best at convincing me that waking up tired at 5:45am is the same as waking up tired at 7am. She texts me every week day morning to wake me up and pump me up to get out there and walk. If I feel to tired, she some how senses it and will send me a quote or some words of encouragement and up I go and am so energized to meet my day!!!
Another bonus, my 11 yr old son will wake with me at 5:45am a few mornings a week (that's all we allow or he'd be exhausted) to walk with me. It is such a joy to have him with me, we laugh so hard sometimes we are afraid of waking some of the sleeping people with their windows open. We take our dogs with us, and oh it all makes for a fun time. I never would have imagined in a million years saying that. That being awake at dawn, walking with my dog and kid would be fun. Huh...

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  1. that is awesome... keep up the good work!!!