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Monday, May 25, 2009

Tot School: Week in Review

Tot School... Week in Review!!!

We have been very busy practicing our Spring Program this past week, so I didn't get to many photo's of work time... We actually didn't have a whole lot of work time time week now that I think about it. We just practiced and tried to go outside and run as much as possible. I wish I got photo's of the kids playing house, but I was to wiped out after practicing The Very Hungry Caterpillar with the 2's, 3's and 4's that I decided I would just push the swings and call it a week. I did manage to get some photo's though... enjoy!!!

Here we did a tempra paint picture with all sorts of tools... even a few winter stamps in there to I must admit... but they loved it and had fun experimenting with all the different tools. Some of the kids liked their hands and others didn't want a speck of paint on them... Curious, as when they are outside they all run for the nearest mud pit and love it :)

Here a 2yr 3m works with the Alphabet Zoo Animals... All the letters match an animal, and let me tell you the Newt was a hard one to figure out... even for me!!! Little S loves to take them out and try to match them up, but she gets a little overwhelmed by the shear number of them that she usually loses interest pretty fast and walks away. I always bring her back and we complete it together and then put it away... sometimes one of the late 3's or 4's likes to help her, but she can be very 2 sometimes and is hard to work with.

We borrowed the this toy from the lending library near my house. They sort by color and then from smallest to largest. We all get the hang of the color sorting, but the smallest to largest hasn't really come into play yet. I am trying to give them lots of exposure to small -vs- large, but since there is more than one they get confused. We'll keep working.

Ahhhh... here is my Dear A... he loves the dog. He is 2yr 3m also and is very gentle and wants to be near the dog all the time... I love this picture because it captures the two friends together... both very content in this world of theirs.

I live close to the Lowe's Motor Speedway, Concord, NC. This week was Speed Week due to the 2 races here the past two weekends... so we took a little time out for a quick field trip to see the race cars on Speed Street. Here R is pretending to be a race car driver... very cute.

The After-Schoolers brought home their "year books" and the little kids loved looking at all the pictures. They loved picking out the teacher's they have seen, older kids that live in their neighborhood (or mine), and especially their older siblings... it was very cute and the older kids felt very important.
Well, that was almost all we did this past week... it was a fun, exhausting week and I look forward to another. Hopefully the rain will stop and we can spend sometime outside and continue to practice our show. I really love this age and all the adventure we get into each week, sometimes I think... "Wow, it's Friday, what did we do all week?" and this blog let's me see how wonderful our weeks really are, and how much learning goes on, even in the daily mundane things we do... Have a Great Week Everyone!!!!

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