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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What is it about losing weight for women?? It seems to be a daily battle for so many of us. I wish that our food supply was not laden with preservatives, fat, chemicals, and whoever knows what else. I have been really trying to keep up with my AM walking, but have started to fall off the exercise wagon. I think that sleep is getting the better of me. Plus, I have started to lose some weight and am feeling better, so I think, What the Hay!! But I also know that I will hit a wall and just start gaining again. I wish I could just get up and do it without it seeming like a chore. I hate to EXERCISE!!! I wish I loved it like so many people, but I don't and wish I could eat what I wanted (within reason) and stay slim and healthy.

There is an up side to this weight loss business, my boys are so happy for me. They still get up and walk with me some mornings and have made comments that I have been playing with them more and keeping up with them better. WOW!! Boys are good for a Mother. They have been also helping me to eat healthy, they are trying new things and not making those terrible faces when I put asparagus on the plate... or the brussel sprouts that I love and they hate. They keep pushing it around their plate until I say they can be excused, but don't complain... at least not to much.

Dessert is the hardest time for me. I wish I could say the kids help me here, but they don't. And neither does the husband... it is cookies, ice cream cones, or something else just as enticing. They have this EVERY night!!! Then they need a snack before bed. That at least is cheese, an apple, or something healthy. But it is the hardest part of my day. I try not to use the, "I Deserve It" speech to myself, but sometimes I feel like I do. Not a good excuse though huh :)
I try to keep my desserts to fruit, yogurt, or nuts. I will have something from the Weight Watchers dessert collection a few nights a week, but no more. I could just keep eating if I did.

Well, I need to get these kids up from nap. We have snack to prepare today (strawberries) and toys to pickup. I will keep plugging along and get this weight off, even if it takes longer than I expect :)

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  1. as you saw on my blog, I hate it too, we just need to do it. It is ridiculous how hard it is!