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Monday, May 11, 2009

Gem Mining

We went to this GREAT Gem Mine in Boone, NC after my 8yr old son made his 1st Holy Communion. We really loved that they had their flume inside, as it was quite rainy and chilly the day we went. An added bonus was that "Doc" the owner was opening up that day. We were one of the first people to be able to enjoy his store.

Here is his new sign. He is located at Mystery Hill Lane, Boone, NC. Right next to Mystery Hill and Tweetsie Railroad. If you ever get a chance to go to Boone, NC it a must go to.
Here we are in the shop go through our bucket of dirt. We found some really great gems and crystals. The kids didn't even care that some of them were worth something... they just like finding them and looking at them after they are done. One thing about Doc's that we like, he doesn't go through the dirt when it comes in. He has the load dumped into the "cellar" and just fills the buckets from there. That way people actually have the ability to find some really great gems and he can cut them down into polished stones for you.
Here I am helping my youngest son go through his bucket. He loved the dirt, water and stones. What a combination for any boy!!! When you have four boys this place seems like Heaven to them. We spent about 3 hours there. Even the youngest loved it and didn't get bored.
Here Doc explains to my 4yr old what he has. He helped him pick out a special gem for Mom for Mother's Day... I got the most beautiful Amethyst stones for earrings. I know it was his first day open, but he really took his time telling the kids what they got and if it was worth cutting into a polished stone or not. Usually we have someone quick throw the stones where they belong on the paper telling us what they are and off we go. At Doc's we felt appreciated... that he didn't take our patronage for granted.

Here my 4yr old hold up his "Loot" for us to see... Doc already took out the "good" gems if we want to get them polished and cut later on down the line.

Two very happy customers!!!
We enjoyed our stay up in the mountains... we can't wait to go back to Tweetsie Railroad next time!!! Moving to NC has proven to be a real delight, with lots to see and such beauty!!! We can't wait to continue exploring all that it has to offer.

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