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Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Weeks Tot School

This week's Tot School was busy... we spent a lot of time outside exploring Springtime!! We got some old stumps from one of our families and they were a big hit, even before we got them in place. Here is some photo's of them being "tried" out by some of the kids. Now we need to decided where to put them... It took us a week to decide where the sandbox would go... I am sure it will take a while to make this decision.

Don't ask why my son is wearing mittens, but he is!!!

We worked with the magnetic maze, a real popular work with all the kids.

We love working with water of any kind, but colored water is the best!! We were working on mixing blue and red. The fine motor exercise squeezing the dropper was just an added bonus. It is nice when they don't even realize they are learning and getting ready for writing at the same time.

Another pincer grasp activity. We found this activity from Laura at My Montessori Journey. Every time I go to the Thrift Store or Dollar General I try to find material to make up some of the trays Laura makes for her Montessori Classroom. She is very imaginative and we love her ideas.

We spent some time outside since we had beautiful weather. The kids love the new sandbox and spent a lot of time digging, playing and just hanging out with each other. I didn't realize it would be a quiet time spot, but the girls love just sitting with their feet in the sand.

We also checked on our Butterfly. We are anxiously awaiting its arrival. We check it each day during our Tot Time. We are hoping it makes its way out during the week and not on the weekend, as I may have to let it go before some of the kids get here on Monday. We will keep praying it waits for us all to be here.
Well, I have found that I took about 100 photos this week and want to show them all, but don't want to bore everyone. We have such fun and now love to spend our Tot School Time together. The kids also love asking for their picture's to be taken. So it's not hard to get photo's for my blog. I love it.


  1. Hi, I just started homeschooling, I found your blog through Tot School. My daughter has been in public Montessori since age 3. I would LOVE to have some of these Montessori materials for my younger ones coming up (ages 3, 1 and EDD 9/17/09). Would you mind emailing me your links for Montessori materials. I greatly appreciate it!! My email is

    Thank you so much!

  2. OH! I'm SO jealous of your stumps!! I'm going to have to find something like that!! I want to be a child in your classroom! Love your Montessori activities! We are looking forward to warmer weather and more outside play here.

  3. Did you say you made that tray? How, please? I have been having Emily transfer pompoms from one basket to another, but she likes to transfer a lot, I would love to have the tray so that she can try to do one at a time.

  4. Anonymous...
    I used an old ice cube tray I found at the Thrift Store. You can go to My Montessori Journey, Laura there has so many ideas to use with transfering. I also use the little shapes you use in the bath to keep the kids from slipping. They have the little suction cups on the bottom... you use it upside down and transfer pom-poms, marbles, or beads with tongs or tweezers. The kids love it!! They love the shapes. I found mine at the dollar store (mine are frogs and ducks). Good Luck, I hope this helps :)