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Friday, January 8, 2010

No Snow

The weather report yesterday said that our part of NC would be getting some snow last night. The kids were so excited... it's been cold enough for snow... now we just needed some precipitation. They thought we would finally get it. The wore their pj's backward and inside out (Thanks Dana).... they put the spoon in the freezer?????? (what's up with that??) We went to bed...

Ok... as the title states... NO SNOW!!! We did have a 2 HOUR DELAY though!!! Why??? Not a clue!! Here, at least, we got no rain or snow. The roads didn't even look like they were wet at all all night. No mud in the yard... I mean it was cold, but not any colder than most mornings lately. So why we ask ourselves. We can speculate... the buses wouldn't start, the schools wouldn't heat up (never stopped them before) or maybe someone, who lives in the far reaches of the county, had some ice on his/her driveway.

So the boys didn't get their snow day, but they did get a delay. Not what they wanted exactly... but they'd take it. They lounged around watching cartoons, slept late, and laughed about the delay.

Living in NC has it's perks... not much snow, warmer (mostly), sunny and school delays and closings for the least bit of snow, ice or even the non-existent snow and ice :) What more could we want. I could do with the cold to go away.... I know it could be colder... but I like the warmer weather... So, cold weather go away... warm weather come our way!!!

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