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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project 365

I stumbled upon this post in my journey in finding some lessons on the letter P and I think I would like to try to do it. Project 365 is a photo journal of your everyday life. It is more for your own personal way of remembering what your doing in your life... it could be fun. If you go to their forum page you can find a lot of idea's to help if you get bored or even just run out of ideas. I always find something each day that inspires me... a child's hand, smile or sleeping self... the mess in the sensory table, or food on the table. Sometimes I think that my life is one of routine and chaos... but when I think of it in little bits of photos I think that my life is very rich indeed :)

So I will post the photo that I like best from yesterday... since today I sat on the couch all day as I have a cold... now wouldn't that be a photo op :)
Here is Ryan finally getting to play outside... what a beautiful day we had outside. It has been cold, but it finally got to be in the 50's and we basked in the warmth :) He called me over to take this picture... He has a small cut above his eye... I don't know where it came from. It showed up one day and he couldn't tell me from where... huh???
From now on I will post a picture I took from the actual day...

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