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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back

Well, we went to NY for my In-laws 50 wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful day, we helped celebrate with all my husbands family and had a nice time. We also had a sick husband, a sick 11yr old, and a puking 4yr old. We have been having a funny bug go through the daycare the last few weeks. The kids don't seem real sick, no fever or anything... just a little run down and tired. Well, they then, all of a sudden, puke or have diarrhea just about anywhere and everywhere. Then they are fine. Until it happens again about 2 to 4 hours later. For some of the kids it didn't come back, others it lingered around like that for 3 or 4 days. It was hard, because no one knew when it would strike or who. So we just went with it. Then we went away and it hit us too. Oh well, that is the life a daycare provider. It comes with the territory.
To say that I stayed on my "diet" I can say honestly, "Yes"... did I have cake, chips and a little extra wine... "yes," but that is what I have been telling myself, it's ok to indulge sometimes. Everything in moderation. I want to live a healthy, normal life. With exercise, healthy eating, and some fun sprinkled in there too. That is why I let myself enjoy the party food. Now that I am home, it is back to my 30 Day Shred, running after all my little kiddo's, and eating healthy. But hey... tomorrow is the last day of school... isn't that reason enough to celebrate :) Ok... maybe I won't indulge in all the ice cream sundae's the kids will be eating... but I will indulge in the fresh fruit I will have out also. I am happy with what I am doing right now... I think I can continue to do it and lose weight also.
When I was at the party, it was nice that people noticed that I lost weight since February (that was the last time anyone saw me and I was close to my highest weight ever... 174lbs). I felt good, and when I see them at the end of July I want to be even closer to my goal weight. That will make me feel even better.
I will try to get some photos posted of the trip, and I think I even have one of all of me... maybe :)

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