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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weigh In

The girls and I weighed in today... I was very happy... I weighed in at 158lbs. YEAH!! I lost 3lbs from last week. I don't really know how though :) I went away and ate quite a bit. Not to bad, but food that wasn't really healthy. I haven't even been getting up in the morning to workout. I keep saying I will go to the Y, but don't happen to get there. It is across town and I wish I could get the energy to go because I know I will feel so much better, but I don't. After a full day with the daycare, I am beat at the end of the day. It is all I can do to go to the store for grocery. As you can see from the picture though, I am still hiding behind the kids. I got to stop doing that!!! I can't help it. Some habits are hard to break.
I finally found a picture of me from the party that was "all" of me. I couldn't believe that someone shot this one without my knowledge. But I am glad they did as I can see what I look like. I can still see that extra tire above my waist, but it looks so much better than it did a couple of months ago. I have to make that commitment again to wake up in the morning and get movin... but that alarm sounds and since I have no one really but myself to be accountable to, I just roll back over and say tomorrow I'll get up. So... I know tomorrow is Friday, but I am making the commitment to myself to get up and move... that bathing suit I have to wear in July and that bridesmaids dress I need to wear in September are laughing at me and saying I'll need a bigger size :)
Oh... and the picture of L and I was taken behind a netting... that's why it looks so foggy. Like I said, I am lucky to have found this one. I will take another one in a few weeks to see if that extra tire thins out a little. Hopefully it will.

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