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Saturday, June 27, 2009


I figured it out... why didn't I think to just type in "link tutorial" on the Google Search engine?? Sometimes I baffle even myself. But I finally figured out how to link to another blog. I can type in the stuff I need to and be able to let people know where to find some of the GREAT idea's I get from the many, many, many Mom Blogger's out there who are interested and excited about educating their own children and other's!!! I have found so many great things and I am excited to be able to implement them into my life... both with my own kids and my daycare kids. Keeps me busy!! Though, I can get pretty preoccupied with surfing the web for more blogs about teaching young children in a home setting. I thought there would be sooooo many more of us, but I seem to find mostly those who teach in a preschool setting within an organized company or church. But the idea's they have are great... I just wish I had the access to their supplies.
Being a home daycare, I can't seem to find a grant or such to help off set the cost of new playground equipment, art supplies, or sensory table... we would love to have a light table... but at $290 a pop... it will take me a long time to get that money. I need a new rug in the family room (due to daycare wear and tear) and extend the hardwood in the playroom/classroom as the rug in there is getting worn fast... those are priorities before the "extra" supplies. Getting there is half the fun. Anyway.. off topic again!! :)
I am off to go to bed, as I have 4 boys who will be awake before I know it!!!

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