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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Blog

I have started a new blog. It will be just about the Daycare. I am excited to have a place now for writing about Tot School, summer fun, and curriculum ideas. I can keep my family stuff for this blog and the school/kid stuff for that blog...
It is Kozy Kids Family Daycare... but I had to use for my web address... I sooooo need to figure out how to add that into my post. I have some addresses and links under my blog list, but I want to be able to let people link from my post... if anyone knows how to do that... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

That is my first blog (and only so far). Hope everyone has a Great Week!!! Mine has started off great... a date night with hubby... both J & L's baseball teams made it into the post season playoffs, and my daycare kids love the new summer playroom!!! We go to the early, cheap movies on Wednesday and it is supposed to be hot this week... so lots of time at the pool!!! I think this week will pass fast!! Take care!!!!

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